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The Stone County Historical Society strives to maintain archives from the past for future generations so that they may know and appreciate the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by those who settled this area of northcentral Arkansas.

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  1. Eric myers says:

    Trying to get information on a school house that used to be on shady oak rd.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Eric myers

  2. Gregory George says:

    Getting information on Frank George

    • Bob Garvin says:

      Could you give more information on which Frank George. My wife is related to Francis Marion “Frank” George also known as F M George his father was William Francis “Frank” George.

  3. Lonnie Taylor says:

    Trying to Research anything i can find on Fredrick Boubom Lynch and Louosa D Rushing Lynch ..had many children but only two of those children have death dates and only one has a death certificate that says mom and dad unknown ..location of mom and dad unknown ..

  4. Lynda Sellers-Westbrook says:

    I’m looking for information on the CCC camps and pictures. My father and other family members were in the CCC during the time of it’s operation. I believe they were in CCC Camp Hedges. My father’s name was Cecil Jeffery.

  5. Bob Garvin says:

    Looking for history of the Flatwoods Cemetery does anyone know who donated the land for the Church & Cemetery? I think the Becham Family had the first burial in 1863.

    • Debbie Smith Cooley says:

      Upon doing research for my family I am seeing your post on this page. I have family in Flatwoods Cemetery also but was able to print the entire list of “residents” from the website
      On the list I printed there are 23 Beckhams listed for Flatwoods Cemetery.
      Hope this information is helpful still.

  6. Becky Sauve says:

    I’m looking for any information on my grandpa William Ernest Enlow(Inlow) and great grandpa Walter William Enlow(Inlow). Walter died from Tuberculosis Before 1899 last known address was Stone county, my grandpa was only 2 years old and my great grandmother Mattie Stacy Enlow remarried in 1900 to Crabtree. Unable to find birth records for my grandpa and his dad Walter was said to come from France to USA because of his health. Any help would be appreciated.
    Becky Sauvé

  7. William S. Hedges says:

    My mom was born in Stone County in Timbo. She moved to Big Flat with her parents Rob Farris and Harriet Balentine Farris and ran the old stone grocery building on the corner in Big Flat.

  8. Kenneth scott says:

    Does anyone have info on a community named Oga, I think it could have been between Newnata and Roasting ear creek?

  9. Michael Bickle says:

    Hi, There is a picture of the Daniel F. Bickle family in the Stone County Museum. How else would I go about getting the history of Bickle Cove?
    Mike Bickle

  10. Lorenzo huey says:

    three huey brothers of ark

  11. Mark Zimmerman says:

    Hello. My name is Mark Zimmerman. My Father, Morris Bush Zimmerman, often told me about his birthplace in Fifty-Six, AR in a log cabin that HIS Father, Ezekiel Erskine Zimmerman, built there. My Grandmother’s name was Bessie Irene Bush. (My Father’s middle name was named after her and after Percy Bysshe Shelley). Both of my Grandparents died before I was born, but I remember my Father taking my brother, my sister and me to the cabin once when we were very young. Unfortunately I don’t remember anything about the address. (Just that there was a kind neighbor lady that gave us cookies and my Father warning us about yellow jackets). We never visited there again since and my Father wasn’t very forthcoming with any other pertinent information. I would very much like to find out where my Grandfather’s log cabin once stood and if maybe it’s even still standing. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless.

    Mark Zimmerman

  12. I am searching for William T or E Hampton and wife Elizabeth “Ellie” Dixon Hampton. Their last child was born in 1895 in Mountain View. On the 1870 and 1880 census he was listed as a farmer laborer & cotton picker. They both died of malaria and left 5 children to live with her 80 plus year old parents. I’m thinking they are in unmarked graves. I was wondering if you might have any information, cemetery records or anything? Thank you for any help you can provide me.

  13. David A. Harris says:

    Greetings. One of my ancestor’s was a Josiah Passmore. I have spent a lot of time/work on discovering who I think his likely grandparents were.

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