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Louis Richardson Family

Louis Richardson Family of Alco, before 1930.  Front row: Ida, Georgia Sutterfield, Mandy, Hollin, Louis, Dorothy, Ralph & Fadie. Back row: Dona & Louisa.  – submitted by Kenneth Rorie Advertisements

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Claudia Gammill

Claudia Gammill, age 89, Stone County, Arkansas, 1979.  – From the University of Central Arkansas Archives, Rackensack Collection, Vaughn Brewer.  

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Canning Kitchen Equipment

An example of the type of pressure canning equipment used in canning kitchens in Stone County and around the country during the Great Depression.  – submitted by Kenneth Bradshaw

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1950s Main Street in Mountain View

This view of Main Street shows the south side of the courthouse square, facing east. The Lackey Motor Company building is at the left edge of the photo.  – contributed by Kenneth Rorie

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