covered grave

This is a typical old covered grave of which there are several still intact in local cemeteries.  This is the grave of Hardy Hatfield, son of John and Nancy Gray Hatfield.  He died in 1860 from “winter fever” or pneumonia at the age of 17 yrs.  This grave is located in the St. James Cemetery.


Cemetery listings, names and locations, are based on the work of Stone County Historian, Freda Daum Massey.  As the years have gone by, many cemetery names have changed for numerous reasons.  Sometimes new people in a community decide to change the name without understanding the original naming of the cemetery.  As this work progresses, we will try to include the “lost” names of the cemeteries and the story behind the names. The list below not only contains the larger cemeteries, but also the very small family cemeteries. In time, you will find information about these cemeteries including pictures, maps, and cemetery indexes compiled by members of the Stone County Historical Society.

Stone County Cemeteries Alphabetical Listing




Alco Haney Creek Norricks Chapel
Angora Harness North Sylamore


Harris African American


Big Springs Harris Bottom Oak Grove
Blue Mountain Happy Hollow Old Lexington
Branscumb Haywood Optimus
Brewer Herd



Herpel Parma
Case Hollandsworth Pleasant Grove
I Pordue


Cooper Hill J Ramsey
Cove Jeffery Red Doors
D Jim Davis
Davis Jones Bottom Rorie
E K Round Bottom
Elizabeth Katy Rushing
Evetts Kelley S
F Knapp Signal Hill
Farris L Smithee-
Pleasant Hill
Fifty Six Lampe Stevens – Roasting Ear Creek
Finch-Turkey Creek Levisy Flat St. James
Flatwoods Lindsey T
Flint Ridge Livingston Creek Timbo
Fox Long W
Fredonia M Wallis
Freeman McClellan Whitfield
G McMurtry Y
Gayler Meadow Creek York
Gray Miser – Ward
Mountain View
Mount Joy

2 Responses to Cemeteries

  1. Terry Vaughn Skaug says:

    What a wonderful source of information! I am researching the Franklin T Trammell family from Locust Grove. Franklin died either 1927 or 1928, but I can not find information as to exact date or location. His second wife and mother, both named Mary Trammell, are buried in Alco cemetery. I have not been able to contact anyone affiliated with the cemetery to ask about Franklin. The internet genealogical sites are not helpful. I called both the Mountain View library and the Stone County Leader, bit neither have newspapers dating from 1927 or 1928. Can your members offer suggestions of where and how to obtain the information? Thank you!

  2. Gayle says:

    Looking for specific information about Signal Hill

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