Education in Stone County Arkansas

The model shown is of the Stone County Academy which was erected in 1895.  It is built to scale using wood from the original building.  The Academy was a combined free and tuition school, and at one time had more than one hundred students which were boarding in Mountain View and attending the Academy.   In addition to the three R’s, student learned Latin, Greek, philosophy, and physics.  The museum has a collection of county school composite photos.  We are also adding to our collection of county yearbooks.  If you have any you wish to share with use, please contact us.

The City of Mountain View, Arkansas

The City Barbershop was a popular spot for locals.  Howard Engle operated the shop for years.  Pictured above is his barber chair and sink along with a shoe shine stand.  This display is new to the museum and will feature many photos and photo displays of Mountain View.  Current photo displays include “The Stone County Court House Through the Years” and “Homes and Hotels of Mountain View.”

Home Sweet Home in Stone County Arkansas

Settlers to our area came down the river, by wagon, and by horseback.  Many suffered greatly on the long, bumpy trail to what is now Stone County.  Displays in the museum include items these settlers used to set up house including the all important rocking chair, oil lamps, quilts, and iron cookware.


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